GEM Twilight CPD – Happy New Year Happy New Job!

Join us for the first GEM London Twilight event of 2018 at Salters’ Hall on Thursday 25 January 18:00-20:30 to explore the Top Tips for job hunting in the Museum sector.

From applications (rejections and successes!), interviews, career approaches and identifying your own strengths and USP, our fabulous guest speakers and facilitators share their expertise through a series of interactive workshops.

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OPENING ACT: Funemployment

Two things are tough: trying to find a vaguely good job in a museum and trying to find a boyfriend. Laura Southall shares her true story of the ‘fun’ that ensued when she tried to do both at the same time.

*Spoiler alert* Laura Southall is now Head of Learning & Community at Pallant House Gallery

WORKSHOP 1: Dear Applicant…

The two words none of us want to read. What follows next is always bad news: the ‘high volume of applications’ and the ‘high calibre of other applicants’ which amounts to: ‘we don’t want you… we wanted someone who looked the part… we wanted someone who didn’t… someone with more experience… with less experience.’ Join Sacha and Katherine for an interactive art workshop focusing on what makes you amazing, and what you’ll bring with you to your next job.

Sacha Coward is Community Programmes Producer at Royal Museums Greenwich

Katherine McAlpine is Public Engagement Officer at Queen Mary University of London

Between them they’ve had plenty of rejections, but what didn’t kill them has made them stronger.

WORKSHOP 2: Know Your Enemy

If you fit the bill of the ‘average’ museum educator, you might run the risk of being just an ‘average’ candidate in a large pile of applications. Join Ed Lawless to detect whether you’re a museum educator clone, and if so, how to find an antidote!

Ed Lawless is Education Manager: Samsung Digital Learning Programme and a founding member of the London Emerging Professionals network

WORKSHOP 3: The Golden Personality

Have you ever felt as if you’ve been put into a box and told how to think, feel, behave? Do you sometimes wonder why people say and do things that are nearly as good as you say and do?! Then good – you’ll get this concept! Teresa is going to put in a metaphorical box but all for a very sound reason…! If you want to know more about what makes you tick and others tock, then this will be an insightful look into the psyche… and how truly golden you really are!

Teresa Chambers is a Career Coach, Lecturer, NLP Practitioner and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Delegates will also have the chance to tour The Salters’ Company formal spaces to hear a bit more about the Company and how they use their historic spaces for education work.

First licensed in 1394, The Salters’ Company has its origins in the salt trade of medieval London and now operates as a charity from our stunning Brutalist building, Salters’ Hall. Following funding from HLF, the Company launched an onsite education programme for adults, schools and families in 2017 focused on history, science and architecture.

The Twilight session concludes with networking, nibbles & wine!


The Twilight event will take place at Salter’s Hall.

If you use CityMapper it might want to take you to The Salter’s Co on King William Street. Don’t go there! Make sure you go to Salter’s Hall, which is also on CityMapper at 4 Fore Street, London EC2Y 5DE.

If you have any trouble finding Salter’s Hall, please call reception on 020 7588 5216.

GEM members must bring proof of institutional or individual membership.

LDNEMP members and ENGAGE members can book tickets at GEM member price.

LDNEMP members must bring the discount code accessed on LDNEMP Facebook group.

ENGAGE members must bring membership cards.

We hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

Laura, Sally & Jenny (GEM London co-convenors)





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